How Callmate is growing its business with Snapdeal


Aayushmaan Wassan

  • Chief Product Officer and Avinash
  • General Manager

Snapdeal helps Indian businesses harness the power of online retail by being a reliable partner in their growth journey. One such journey is that of mobile accessories brand, Callmate, that has seen immense growth in its online business by partnering with Snapdeal. Find out more about it from Callmate’s Aayushmaan Wassan, Chief Product Officer and Avinash, General Manager.

40% of our revenue now comes from e-commerce

Callmate was founded in 1995 as a small trader and wholesaler of mobile accessories. Over the last 23 years, we’ve grown with the industry with our strategy and started selling directly to customers on online platforms like Snapdeal. In the past 4-5 years, we’ve seen a major transition in our revenue – 40% of our revenue today comes from our e-commerce business.

Snapdeal is our top performer, giving us the maximum sales revenue among online platforms

Snapdeal has been a great partner in our journey so far. We started selling on Snapdeal in 2014 with only about 25 products, and now we have approximately 1600 SKUs listed on Snapdeal. Around August 2017, with the pre-Diwali season, we started ramping up our sales with good deals, and really hit some high numbers during Diwali. Post Diwali, we expected a dip, but surprisingly the sales have sustained up till April 2018! In a day, among the 1500 orders that we do on all our platforms including our own, approximately 500-600 orders come from Snapdeal alone. Across all e-commerce platforms, Snapdeal is our top performer and we see the maximum sales revenue from it.

Excellent account support, daily payments and product videos = great experience with Snapdeal

For the last one year, it’s been a very good experience working with Snapdeal. Apart from a good number of orders, we get very good feedback and support from the Accounts team of Snapdeal. In addition, for the past 2-3 months we’ve been getting payments daily! Prior to that, we used to get them twice or thrice a week. Getting daily payments, reconciliations and revenue from Snapdeal is very good for us.

The Snapdeal team has also made a few videos showing our Power Banks sold under the Callmate brand name, and put them up on YouTube and other social media. The impact of those videos is really good and we’re getting very good sales on those models.

We’re launching two more brands on Snapdeal

Very shortly, we will launch two more brands on Snapdeal so that we reach more of Snapdeal’s customers. The overall experience in terms of supporting teams, finance, reconciliation and product support is very good with Snapdeal!

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