8 Successful Ecommerce Sellers Share Success Secrets.


Here are the stories of 8 Indians who believed that they had something unique to sell, something great to achieve, and go from inspired to inspiring. How did they crack Digital India?

Aarti Goel

Armed with self-conviction and the yearning to do something great, Aarti Goel went past societal opposition to follow her passion. She knew that she had the talent and desire to do more than being a good home maker. Starting off in the by lanes of Chandni Chowk, Aarti is now the owner of a thriving business today. An inspiration to every housewife, her mantra to success was to pursue her passion without bowing down to anyone’s expectations. She made firm decisions after another, never slowing down. On having crafted her own identity, she says, "I was somebody's mom, somebody's daughter, somebody's wife, now, I am what I am."

Result: Aarti is now a multi-platform online seller on Snapdeal, she also owns a designer home furnishing brand which offers products like cushions, cups, and laptop skins, with a run rate of over 800 units per day.

Gaurav Goel

A testament to human ambition and innovation, Gaurav Goel wanted to take his successful Kolkata-based multi-branch electronics business online. He realised that true potential in expanding his business lied in bringing his product offering online. However, he had no prior knowledge of the e-commerce space. With the help of Snapdeal Advisors, who guided him with the fundamentals and nuances alike of online selling, he realised that not only was he able to easily navigate the online space, he could actually utilise that space to take his business to a whole new high! Gaurav's advice for his fellow sellers is that people should be open minded to change and embrace online selling with open arms.

Result: From being unsure about how exactly e-commerce works, Gaurav now confidently heads an entire team that manages his online business. According to Gaurav, his online business has grown by 100% in one year!


Hailing from a family of saree manufacturers, Balaji was a successful IT professional. He was well aware that selling sarees online would be a mammoth task since women like to explore numerous options before choosing a favourite. That’s when stepping on to Snapdeal sounded like the best direction to give to his offline business. Balaji was introduced to professional photographers who helped him make the transition to the web seamless. They also guided him about creating product catalogues and capturing aesthetically attractive product shots which would any day be more likely to catch interest of a customer. Today, he credits his success not only to good cataloguing but also to the great support he got from Snapdeal Advisors throughout the transition.

Result: Balaji's operations have grown multi-fold and today he has a team of four aiding him in pushing online sales. Now, Balaji comes out with a new catalogue every 3 months, keeping in mind upcoming trends which are recommended by Snapdeal as well. He has also extended his product line to include kids wear.

Darshan Rajpara

Rajkot's Golden Boy, Darshan always knew that the way to have an edge over the others would be by create novel & innovative products from scratch. A school drop-out and self-taught Design expert, he researched extensively and created new designs himself, inspired by upcoming trends. Snapdeal's seller rating system allowed him to focus on quality and creativity to be rewarded by grateful customers who loved his product. He firmly believes that the only way to success is through constant innovation and ensuring highest quality.

Result: After joining Snapdeal, Darshan’s turnover doubled within a year. He never faces delays with respect to payment cycles. He brings out 15 odd products every three months and has plans to increase the count further.

Pravidhi Lakhotia

Many sellers experience unprecedented growth on e-commerce portals. However, they sometimes struggle to expand their business beyond a certain extent, owing to the lack of capital required for investment. Pravidhi however, was able to grow her business multi-fold with the help of Snapdeal's Capital Assist program, which provides business loans at low interest rates, minus collateral. Pravidhi Lakhotia sums it up in four words, saying, "There is no limit!"

Result: Since joining Snapdeal in 2012, Pravidhi has grown her business consistently year-on-year. She has also expanded her product line to include a wide range of offerings. Today, she aspires to take her business to unprecedented heights and is hopeful that Snapdeal's growing strength will help her achieve the same.

V S Chandira Kumar

V S Chandira Kumar was a pioneer when it came to exploring new technologies and channels. His core strength was that he had a grip on the pulse of online selling. He started adding as many as 10 a week to ensure his customers got the best choices from him first. He says, "It is critical to know what users are buying and what they don’t like. This will help you differentiate yourself from the competition."

Result:Today, Chandira has set up an independent 32-member team only dedicated towards online selling. He introduced processes (and necessary software interventions) to make the best of selling on Snapdeal. He also adds products frequently to set himself apart from competitors.

Ramanuja Chary

Ramanuja Chary advises sellers to remember that "Customer is King" and that they only deserve the best. He believes customers should always be given a wide range of high quality products, at the right prices. Once his electronics business started picking up pace on Snapdeal, he invested money in more stocks and expanded his brand portfolio from 5 brands to 8 brands, all the while maintaining the highest possible level of quality.

Result:His online business turnover doubled over one year and now, Ramanuja is working with more brands than he initially was. The sheer quantum of customer orders made Ramanuja to increase his warehousing space over a year of online operations.

Anshu Aggarwal

For Anshu Aggarwal of Ajmer, the dream of doing something of her own was always one worth pursuing. Anshu always focused on ensuring that each of her products was unique. When she started selling on Snapdeal, she faced a lot of flak from numerous naysayers, but the overnight success that came her way was enough to help her sail through, undeterred.

Result:Anshu joined Snapdeal in 2013, and currently has more than 100 designs on the site. She now owns her own warehousing space and is greatly encouraged by the responses she has received from customers.

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