My sales from Snapdeal have grown massively in the last few months


As a marketplace that connects consumers with numerous sellers all across India, we consider our sellers to be the backbone of Snapdeal. We are proud to share the story of one of our sellers, Vaibhav Garg from Yamunanagar, Haryana, who has seen massive growth in his family business, thanks to his long-term association with Snapdeal.

I took my family business online with Snapdeal

Ours is a family business, selling kitchenware and home improvement products. After completing my B. Tech and MBA, I decided to take the business online. I first started selling online on another platform. When I got a good response, I searched for more similar platforms and found Snapdeal. I started selling on Snapdeal approximately 4 years ago and have stayed with it since then.

Snapdeal has helped me grow my sales massively!

My business with Snapdeal is excellent! My annual turnover is approx. 15 cr, of which e-commerce is approx. Rs. 1 crore. Snapdeal contributes up to 75% of my overall online turnover.

In the last few months, my business with Snapdeal has grown massively. The category and account managers have taken a lot of initiative and the support is great. While my annual online turnover last year was around Rs. 1 cr, in the last 2 months alone, I have reached Rs. 80 lakh, the majority of which is coming from Snapdeal.

Snapdeal is better than other online retailers

The main difference between other platforms and Snapdeal is that Snapdeal’s user dashboard is very friendly. The cataloging is extremely easy to operate. The payment cycle is also fixed, which makes Snapdeal my preferred platform. I get good margins, there is clarity about the payment date and there is no delay.

Will Snapdeal be a strategic partner in my future growth? Absolutely!

I am planning to increase my capacity. We are looking to move up in more product categories and start our operations in Tier 1 cities as well. We’re also planning a big warehouse with skilled manpower, which can handle 2000 shipments per day. If I continue to get this response consistently from Snapdeal, I will certainly be able to achieve most of my business growth goals.

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